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Welcome! My name is Oliver and I created this website in order to address a serious problem:


Health and transition-related myths are seemingly around every corner of the internet. Accurate resources are difficult to find and even harder to decipher. Clinical studies are locked behind paywalls and other articles are inaccessible to the average person because they’re written by and for doctors.


I created this website for people like me: trans masculine folks with poor attention spans and no formal medical training. My goal is to make this website as accessible as possible to anyone who stumbles upon it.


As a disabled trans guy, it has been my experience that self-advocacy in the doctor’s office is crucial to receiving adequate care. Many doctors lack the education to treat trans patients. One unfortunate side effect of being trans is that sometimes we have to be our doctors’ teachers. One day, that will change. But until then, it’s up to us to understand our bodies so we can advocate for our health.


Trans_catdad, AKA Oliver

Your body should not be a mystery to you or your doctor.

Research specific to trans bodies is lacking. However, many transition-related health issues are analogous to those that cis people face, which have been adequately studied. For example, studies on testosterone-induced atrophy and its treatment are sparse, but this kind of atrophy is not unique to AFABs on testosterone. The very same condition is experienced by at least 50% of cis women as a result of menopause and hypoestrogenism. This condition has been researched sufficiently, and its treatment options are appropriate for trans patients. If the data is out there, I will find it and bring it to you here.


My goal:

Provide a resource for trans masculine folks so that anyone can transition safely, comfortably, and confidently.


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